Saturday, February 20, 2010

Juice Tip

For years I have known about watering down the orange juice to make it more crisp, mild and refreshing, but it never occurred to me to improve other juices this way until last night. We bought some of the more expensive juice - in the bottle - and since it was too powerful and too much at once for me, I diluted it with about 4 and then 9 parts water, and wow, suddenly it was more like a drink and less like syrup! It was cran-grape, by the way.

Then I realized the carbonated drinks generally have about the same watered-down fruit wonder!

Just think how this lowers the cost, sugar and carb per glass! Excellent for diabetics and for kids that you want to preserve from diabetes!

And less anti-oxidents and vitamins per glass too, but who cares? The sugar-punch a kid gets from fruit juice is unnatural; he's better off getting the rest of what he needs from milder sources.