Monday, August 31, 2009

Back on Schedule

This is purely anecdotal and inconclusive, but it is interesting to note that since purchasing raw milk, beginning over a year ago, Sharon observed the other week that none of our family had had a cold. Pretty amazing for 5 kids and 2 parents. Well, this week, we were busy and bought only freakenized milk from the store and guess what, Sharon and I had colds, but only mild ones.

On another note, we all went to bed by 10:00 or before last night and half of us got up at 6:00 to start the day together. THIS IS A HUGE FACTOR IN MY BEING ABLE TO GET MY RHYTHM FOR FOOD AND IN GOING TO BED EARLY, NOT EATING AFTER 6:00, AND EATING AT THE RIGHT TIME IN THE MORNING.

We read from Isaiah this morning and found 2 verses that apply directly to current affairs: Chapter 8, particularly Verses 12 and 13. With all the fear and turmoil of today, and our governments' feeble attempts to deal with it, the Lord is telling us that we need not fear China, N. Korea or the Taliban, but that we are going to defeat ourselves if we do not turn to Him. But those who do turn to Him with an eye single will have peace in this life amidst all the trouble and decay. Let the Lord be your dread - better yet, your peace.