Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Insulin Folks

Okay I was good for a short time and then I had a few days again in which I shot insulin and ate whatever and a lot of cream n'at.

I didn't feel like giving up my program, but I didn't feel like telling you how soon I had fallen off again either. In fact, I thought about deleting this blog. I felt like going off quiet and doing it. But I didn't feel a lot of confidence I even still could do it. How could I, seeing how I was eating already?

The thing is, sometimes you don't have much time to get the super food you need and in a pinch you eat something not so super. I went a couple or a few months eating good and without any insulin as I said, but I had the food I needed to do it.

But yesterday and the day before, I was kind of feeling like maybe I couldn't really do this. But last night as I went to bed, having eaten all sorts, and feeling like crap, I said, "No, I like feeling good."

I love feeling great so today I ate perfect again. So far.