Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ever'body's Differnt

As I chewed my sprouted mix today, one mouthful tasted like it had a single quinoa berry in it. It was awful.

That is how much I hate quinoa. I hate quinoa, liver and watercress. I didn't learn it; I was not conditioned. Those are the things I hate. It don't change.

Since we all have different peculiarities in what we like, perhaps we can be as different in what is good for us. I don't know. So my point is, don't expect to be just like me, necessarily. Find your own favorites. Eat almonds, for example. See whether you do not have a problem with them.

I am becoming quite certain that my program is personal, not necessarily for physiological reasons alone. Find your own program.

But there are some universal elements: The more basic you can keep it, and natural, the better. Never give up. Be faithful. Be disciplined. Be psyched. Be prayerful. Be well.