Monday, August 17, 2009

Bus Trip and Dried Food

I was actually surprised how delicious and satisfying my own raw-dried vegetables and natural beef were as I wholly depended on them this past Wednesday through Sunday. I took a 2600-mile Greyhound Bus trip and ate no other thing but what I had in my day-pack and had dried and vacuum-sealed myself. Oh wait - except my raw organic sunflower seeds which were just in a regular bag. I even forgot and left all my grains home and never got any fruit. Oh, but the first day and a half I had a bottle of my juice. By the time I finished it, it had turned to vinegar. I drank it all nonetheless. I also had vitamin C drink mix with me that I used. It had other vitamins too. I also consumed 3 Oligofructose complex multivitamin tablets in the course of the trip.

So that was really great and convenient and my sugar was good the whole time and it was just fine until I got home at midnight Sunday and then I was really hungry and I took my wife to dinner who had just picked me up from the station. We went to Eat N Park and I had a steak and vegetables and eggs and some of her potatoes.

Then we came home and I had a huge feast that included plenty of apples and bananas and a lot of grapes.

I basically totally pigged out.

I was up until about 9:00 am taking care of some business and finally went and laid down until 2:00 pm without checking my blood (which I knew was high but I don't know how high). When I got up, I decided to check my blood to see whether it had come down at all by itself, before going off and having a big workout to get back under control. It was 140. That is very good; it either came down by itself or never got up super high. Either way, that is very good.