Saturday, March 17, 2012


Just in the last week or so, having been through some life changes and becoming sloppy in what I ate and having my need for insulin increase, I just naturally and unconsciously went back to some old key practices. Nothing new here, just a re-affirmation of some essential points.

My wife's cooking centers around beef, sauces and delectable breads. Never mind about the desserts that are abundant. I concluded years ago that I could not eat it and do what I write about in this blog. But sometimes I waffle and eat her cooking because it is irresistible after a tiring day if it's all ready to eat and all I need is a little extra insulin to eat it and enjoy life.

But then I gradually go all out of whack.

My cooking centers around fresh produce and the use of grain, sans bread.

I have been unconsciously yet strictly eating my own of late. Wow, it is so easy. The food is better. You feel better eating it. You feel better right after eating it. You feel better till you eat again. You don't get hungry. You can skip that late snack without even noticing and just go to bed. You can miss a meal and still not be hungry, because you have been eating real food. And your sugar just stays where it's supposed to.

So just lose all the sugar and all the bread. Things become plenty sweet enough after you quickly get used to not adding sugar. Once you reach that point, things containing the American dose of sugar are sickeningly sweet. You only crave or have a taste for as much fat, salt or sugar as you are used to using. It's just that simple and it's just true. The only difficulty you will run into is that people around you will want to share food with you but they will be on a different dosage.

So just see yourself as eating separate from them - like the dogs do.

If you really want to be healthy and especially if you are serious about making sugar level management easy, simply never eat bread or white pasta. I still use buckwheat noodles. And of course, I eat a lot of grain - steamed in a rice cooker, usually. Sometimes I sprout it, sometimes I don't. I do different things with it, including making raw bread. But usually, I just steam it.

I love delectable breads as much as you do. I'm just giving you the facts. You simply need to say to yourself, hey there are many attractive things in the Universe. I have not tried them all. I can live without some I have tried, in order to have others that are sweeter. I had a friend who thought he liked beer more than the gift of the Holy Ghost. In other words, he passed up baptism because he feared that beer was something he owed to himself. He didn't consider that it might be optional even though he liked it so much.

If you make your own bread, it will be distinctly less sugar-charging than anything you buy. So it's better, but it won't get you all the way there. To get the most out of satisfying your need for grain while minimizing the 'carb' effect, the rule of thumb is, keep the berry whole and intact. But I still eat oatmeal now and again. It's about my favorite dish in the whole world as far as dessert-type dishes go.

Okay but I am not finished. Another huge key or two. Eat in short spurts. When you first start to think maybe you have had enough to keep you going, stop there and get up and get working again. Especially with raw foods, and real foods too, never over-eat because you will be much more uncomfortable than you would have been with fluffy foods, stuffing yourself. But with real food, you won't get hungry.

Now that you have your fuel, find something to be interested in besides fooding. Be engaged in interesting activities. This is most effective if the activities give comfort or aid to others.

Follow this pattern and fooding will fade off into unnoticed distance. But then BAM, your spouse will plunck down a pizza or something when you least expect it, and you are tired, and you want to just relax....BE STRONG, because perfect abstinence rather than periodic 'rewards' is the easy way to do this thing.

I went from the age of 14 to 27 not even caring about any sort of cake or candy. I can be that way again, and so can you.

If there is any doubt about how different this makes one feel, simply toss that doubt into the burn bin. It's like night and day. No exaggeration.

There was one other point I may have forgotten. I'll add it later if I think of it. Oh, yeah - my cooking tastes better too. It's a different kind of better but it is definitely better.