Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wow, last week, my sugar was really all over the place. I would take my standard 4-6 units of insulin (humalog) and eat a very careful spartan meal, and instead of the usual 95, my sugar level would go to 350! Then I would take an additional 4-6 units to bring it down, without eating any buffer. This went on for about 5 days in a row. It occurred to me that my being sensitive to insulin is no guarantee against becoming otherwise, and this could now be happening! In other words, on top of being Type I, I could be becoming Type II eventually, if I was not careful (even though I have never been obese, if that really is a prerequisite). I must include the note that I had not had any exercise at all that week, and perhaps none for a time previous.

Well, I guess I’m back to normal! For about another 5 days, I have been regular. Then today, all morning I was trying to get my sugar up to an adequate level (without over-shooting), having taken only 5 units for breakfast, and again, all afternoon after having taken only about 4.5 units for a lunch that included a hamburger (and peanuts later on) with a white bun and ketchup from the diner/beer store down the tracks. But I also did pushups for both as well. My sugar went into the 40’s both times and I had to repeatedly eat something like an apple, raisens or potato to bring it up cuz it kept going down. Big key to being like this seems to be the abstinence from all breads. Never eat their bread at all and it really seems to kick the diabetes off the train. And that doesn’t mean eat less grain because you eat steamed whole grains instead, and so forth.