Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ahead of the Game

Just imagine what it would do to have apples, carrot juice, raw sunflower seeds (maybe even sprouted), brewer's yeast and maybe a little ryse as a typical breakfast in your life, in place of cold cereal & cooked milk, or some kind of bagel or bread thing and maybe coffee...... Knowing that the vitamins they throw into a box of Total are no more soluable and free-radical-free than a bottle of Centrum, just read the label on a can of nutritional brewer's yeast and imagine the difference. Or if you don't have much imagination, ask yourself, hmm, would I like to look and feel like the average 26-year-old, or the average 60-year-old, when I am 30-50 years old? You decide. And remember, in my opinion, it's a lot more about nourishing your body, providing it with the things it needs daily, than about avoiding cancer and the harmful substances. More about provision, less about abstinence.