Monday, May 21, 2012

Specific Goals

Back on the wagon, I have specific targets. They are never to eat in a meal more than 4 units will allow and to stay under 150 at all times. I have started going barefoot as much as possible. I spent a couple of days already, so I am over the nerve wracking pick your way and try to keep your balance phase. It is really feeling great. I spent most of my Summer months until the age of 29 going barefoot 96.5% of the time. I even went to Summer semester classes such at the University of Utah. I believe one cannot be fully healthy without going barefoot enough that it feels great to do so. I am also starting to exercise a little bit for the first time since December, after being so busy getting started in a new job. Which is also why I have been careless with my sugar control. Just a little careless - generally good control except letting it spike once a day for a short time, and often eating too much. Today was near perfect sugar-wise. My feet can really tell the difference - especially when I am barefoot. By the way, I also got a new glucometer. It only cost $15 and $11 for 50 strips. It is the Prodigy Pocket. I really like having it and look forward to less expense-inhibited testing when I need it. I will test one of every batch of strips I get against my LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, which I have had 15 years and is still extremely accurate. My first batch of Prodigy strips are consistently reading about 23 points higher than actual, according to the very reliable biological meter I have inside which is backed up by the very reliable Ultra.