Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doing Better Already

2 units Humalog, Perfect lunch consisting of half a fresh tomato, baked yam, ginger, ryse, baked chicken, sunflower seeds, followed by me carrying my big office chair down the steps from my office, across the engineering room, out the door outside, down the stairs to the front of the building, and back (for exercise, and me explaining myself to no one), and 20 min. later, my sugar is 100. I have found some of the best exercise is to chop wood, especially if the axis or direction of fibers of the wood is vertical, such as a standing tree trunk. Similarly, and perhaps even better, carrying a fairly heavy object out in front of you with arms extended and walking somewhere with it, lifting it and putting it down here and there and so on. Anything that makes you really exert with your core does this. Big office chairs are good because you can face them and lift them by their arms. But I do not wish to leave the impression that my office chair has arm rests. I always remove them first thing when I get a new chair. Nor do I wish to leave the impression that the route I described was far. It was quite short and just enough to get me breathing.