Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bought a cucumber yesterday, thinking it was zucchini. When I had my pan going and realized it was a cuuk, I saved it with the diced fresh tomatoes to throw on top after cooking was done. I peeled and sliced it and did so. I never peel my cuuks but I was trying to make this kid-friendly. I used a pat of butter and 3 pats of coconut oil and fried up a good portion of sliced fresh rutabaga, then added onions, red, yellow and orange sweet peppers, boiled whole wheat egg noodles, a grated carrot, 3 stalks of celery sliced up, romaine, the cuuk and tomato, and a good bit of salt. Fried up about a lb of ground turkey and got it brown, then threw it all together. I would normally have added more to the mix but was trying to make it kid-friendly. I intended to throw grated mozzarella on top but as usual I forgot. That rutabaga is real sweet and chinese-food-teki in there; better than I expected. It tasted super even without any ginger. But today, eating it cold for lunch, I had some ginger on the side. It really was good, although I still have a little problem with the slightly obnoxious and dead-ish flavor of whole-wheat pasta. But it's only slight. The net effect was superb. The vegetables were out of this world the way they smelled cooking up, and the sweet peppers were extra wonderful-smelling before they started to cook. Often, the vegetables I COOK are a little toward the rotten end. Not this time!