Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Had some chicken for dinner. I wanted chicken and guess what that is what my wife made so great - but she put some sauce on it that a neighbor had made and I don't know what was in it - sugar maybe?

Anyway, I went to sleep in a chair and woke up a bit ago and it is about 4:30 am and I was feeling like my sugar was a little high so I went ahead and tested and sure enough (no surprise) it was 130. Which is how high I feel it would be. But at least I didn't pig out or anything like that, which is what I bet I could avoid in my last post. Dinner was very satisfying. I had collards from the garden with the chicken. I'm glad I had it in spite of the sauce because that is what my body wanted.

Just a note for those who do not read all my posts, I explained that I never test without reporting it here and I never take insulin without reporting it here. If I report nothing, it means I am doing really well. So if you look to see how much of a gap there was between reporting the insulin use and high sugars of last week and anything like that previous, that is how long I did well. I haven't looked myself but wasn't it at least a couple of months? If I can do a couple of months (or whatever it was) like that, I can do 200 years I think. Two weeks doesn't prove anything but two months is a pretty good indication. But for me, winter is more difficult than summer. Winter will tell.

I just want to mention if I didn't already make it clear, I have zero neuropathy and good feeling feet. The scars are fading on my shins and the skin does not injure so readily as it used to. I seem to heal from broken skin faster, but I never did have a big issue there. Currently, the only supplement I am taking is an occasional dash of brown yeast, the kind containing chromium. I generally eat a whole head of romaine per day, which is roughly equivalent to an RDI of chromium, to my best guesstimate. Anyway, it's how much I am hungry for and it really goes great with sunflower seeds, cucumbers from the garden and sometimes a sprinkle of brown yeast. Oh, and when I feel like it, I have a drink mix packet of vitamin C etc, but that's not too often.

Well, bye and good health to you if I don't post for a while.