Monday, February 23, 2009

Chard today

I was down to a few units of insulin per day last summer but have not been doing as well this winter. I found that I had tapered off of my juicing and my post-meal exercise and was getting gluttonous with the cow cream. So I jammed the gears and stopped the cheese and the butter, the cream and most of the milk, and for the first while, the peanuts and the meat. I also got more green salad going. In about 4 days, I was back to just 4-6 units of humalog per meal (instead of 15-35).

I have observed over the years that no matter what I do, my tendency to high sugar is much more imminent in the morning. I can relax a bit the rest of the day, but whether I slept enough, early or late, pigged out or not the night before, exercise or not, nothing makes a difference to the fact that I have to have a bigger shot and not eat too much in the morning hours - whether I eat ANY breakfast or not.

Since jamming the gears and getting back onto it, I have been doing my brief exercise after each meal. I usually run with the dog up the hill that we live on. It consists of running about 100 yards up a hill that is almost too steep to pave or drive a car on, walking down about 30 yards, run up another hill about 50 yards, walk 100 yards down, and finally, run about 100 yards back up another way, maybe stop at the playground and do some pullups and/or pushups. I'm not sure, but it seems to take about 10 minutes.

I have been limiting my breakfast to my mug full of juice. Then it's up the hill. This morning, I only needed 2 units of humalog before my juice. When I got back (the dog stayed home with his raw meat) I fought the dog, I felt so chipper.

Normally, my juice is carrot and broccoli but today I was out of brocco so I tried chard instead. It worked better than I expected. I also put in ginger, almost too much. Man, that's Real Ginger Ale!