Monday, February 23, 2009

Empty Calories

They have you attend classes on diet and nutrition when you are diagnosed with diabetes. I have been to two or three courses at different times. Once while attending a class, I had been keeping my thoughts to myself because I didn't want to upset what the teacher was trying to accomplish, but it was hard because the people there were all brand new at this and none of them had any idea about real food.

We were figuring out our personal meal plans and one lady asked if she could still eat spaghetti if she put less sauce on. She was told that would be fine.

At one point, I had to say something and I remember mentioning "empty calories." One good brother raised his hand then, and asked what was meant by empty calories. I didn't know what to say without taking over the class, but I managed an answer, I guess, sort of.

I wanted to tell him, "everything you eat." The first example I thought of was lasagna.

Empty calories are foods that taste and feel substantial, but because they lack basic nutrients, you tend to eat more and you still have the munchies so you eat a rich dessert and that seems to sort of satisfy and you are able to walk away from the table. The problem here is that you never do get those basic nutrients. Just one result from this for some people might be the shutting down of their pancreas.

If you don't get what you were designed to need, your organs will suffer.

As I have said, the empty calories are usually accompanied by bad things such as over-abundance of quick starch, preservatives and other crap. But these problems pale compared to the main issue that you aren't getting basic needed nutrients.

I think nothing in the body cannot be healed - now. Treat it right. Go easy on it for a while. Have faith and reach out for wisdom and truth. And your God, who is the general source of these.

The scientific is one legitimate sub-method for discovery of truth. It is slow and clunky though, and cannot produce wisdom consistently. Truth is truth. It is invariant across all applications, disciplines, contexts, societies. The very best and most general way to determine it is with the assistance of the Holy Ghost. But by this method, you will not be spoon-fed. You must seek, study, work, pray, maybe even use the scientific method to obtain this help. Why does this guy talk like he knows? How do you think a guy like me made it through college?