Friday, February 27, 2009

Foods I Avoid

Summary: I avoid GMO, flour, sugar, sugar substitutes and replacements, preservatives, additives, conditioners, dyes, enhancers, "chemicals," beef not free-range grass-fed, pasteurized dairy products, rice (unless it's wild), grapefruit and almonds.

Instead of finding a low-carb sweetener to help me keep my sugar down, I opted to lower my need for sweet. So I don't use sweeteners generally. However, sometimes I will sneak a few raisins. And I do like my chocolate with apple or squash or similar sometimes. But usually just plain.

I used to like almonds or soaked almonds (both raw) with my chocolate or collard greens, but I have found that they pretty much up my sugar, so now I generally avoid almonds.

I avoid grapefruit. It seems to be the worst wholesome food of all for upping my sugar. But I can eat an orange without taking a shot. Kinda funny but true.

I avoid Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and GMO-fed meat. I try to avoid pasteurized dairy but I'm still working on that. GMO soy gave me hives. It's funny how they should think I would care about their studies that show GMO doesn't cause allergic reactions and one should not base their actions on anecdotal stories. I mean, what do I care if it's just anecdotal if I'M THE ONE WITH THE HIVES???? I sorta gave up eating soy anyway.

This should be redundant, but I do not eat anything with white flour in it, or sugar or other sweeteners, or anything I can read but don't know what it is. Recently, I began eating only things I have prepared myself. Last summer, I went a week or two with no insulin and no hunger; I'm trying to get back to that point.

I avoid other foods that I've always been very allergic to, but that is of no use to you. But I wish I could eat clams, oysters and squid.