Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's a Simple One for Ya

Tonight as I was fixing my salad I snitched some room temperature light red kidney beans my wife had cooked and ate my romaine hearts with them. That's a meal right there. They went really well together.

Here's my meals today:

Carrot and broccoli juice and raw sprouted wheat/kale sticks, 2 units insulin, run up the hill.

Bowl of popcorn with coconut oil, a few pistachios, dab of cream and a few tropical fruit cocktail pieces from a can, rome apple, chocolate, one banana (almost one), 2 units insulin, run up the hill and some other workout stuff.

Some light red kidney beans and romaine, no insulin, go hold the baby and fall asleep just as my salad was almost ready.

My usual salad, sans mushrooms, with lots of ginger (first time - it was great), and lots of peanut butter afterward, more ginger, dab of milk, no insulin, run up the hill. No insulin resulted in sugar level of 233; oops. This is typical. I usually find a huge difference between zero and 2 units, but not much difference between 2 units and anything over 6 units.