Thursday, February 26, 2009


Have I mentioned ginger?

Does Subway have fresh ginger slices to substitute for pickles in their fixin's? Unbelievable if they do not.

I was thinking, though it's been years since I had one, a Wendy's single would sure be good with fresh ginger on it.

My wife tells me, "Ginger is not a vegetable. It is a spice." As a rough guesstimate, I eat up to 5 oz of fresh ginger per day.

For a long time after first hearing the suggestion, I did not include it in my carrot juice. Lately, I have included quite a lot. It is better than ginger ale pop ever was.

The other night, I was sick to my stomach from fasting for 2 days. I had a mild case of hypothermia and I barely made it home after walking around in the cold night.... Too Much Information. Anyway, I had a sour stomach that would not quit and my wife brought me ginger crushed in water with a garlic press. I drank one mug and the condition disappeared completely. But I ordered another mug for good measure.

My brother John turned me on to it, even though I have been in the land of ginger, Japan. I have a lot to thank John for. Like his wonderful incessant optimism. Irrelevant. Not.

Ginger is one of the most alkaline-forming foods for the body. Try some. Have a cheese sandwich with "ginger pickles."

Some people have suggested that I would have been an alcoholic had I ever tried alcohol, after observing my love for kim chee, sukemono, pickles and ginger. John says my ginger-carrot juice would be a good aid in fighting alcoholism. Maybe. It does make the top of your head tingle and put fire in your throat, if that's good. But my juice also has a lot of good nutrition in it which John and I believe is key to beating addictions.