Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hopefully, before I run out of titles for these, I'll have gotten under control.

I need to stop telling people I'm off insulin at all because whenever I do, I take a shot right soon after.

So I didn't check my sugar tonight, but I took 3 units.

It's been like, super good then (click) super stupid then (click) super good then (click) super stupid.....

I tell people I have lately been trying to eat nothing but super food - raw. Except my meat and cheese. But fact is, I sometimes eat too much cheese and I still of course cannot always stay away from peanut butter, which probably is not a super food (even if it contains something I crave, for the most part it's probably not doing me good) and definitely not raw. So today I was contemplating, maybe I'll do better even, if I quit peanut butter and steamed cheese altogether.

Any road, I am definitely better than I was a few weeks ago - I mean my body is healed better. Even when I need a shot, it's like 8% of what I would have needed then under the same circumstances. I believe that in the long haul, I will get to the point of complete healing - that is, I believe the longer I eat right and stuff, the more actually cured I will be. It only makes sense because look at me now: this is the longest and the best I have done; what I have consequently received is a proportionate decrease in the diabetic condition. If now is any indication, I should be able to get a whole lot better and lose more susceptibility by doing even better longer.

Later that night (like 3 am): I dunno. I checked my sugar because it still felt a little high, long after the 3 units. It was 149. So I suddenly decided to eat some cheese and cooked beans and onions and cream and take 3 more units. I won't make an attempt to analyze. One thing I know from today, that I already knew, you cannot be full and needing to get up from the table and start in on the watermelon instead - not without a shot.