Monday, May 11, 2009

Yet Another Update

The next day, Thursday, was okay but I think my sugar was a little high and it was a somewhat stressful and extraordinary day. But I did okay. Then, Friday, I had a really great morning and was telling some family members how well I was doing (like most of Wednesday) and then that very evening I got overly tired and stupid and ate tons of cooked beans and corn and my sugar went up to 281. I took 4 units. The very next evening, I more or less did the same thing and took 3 units but then my sugar was low all night - too low, but I was asleep; woke up with a headache. Then yesterday yet again I was distracted and eating crazy and took 3 more units. So I went about 2.5 weeks without needing insulin, but have to say I'm back on it - but only because I stopped being careful and started eating frivolously if not stupidly. I don't seem to be any worse though, and should be able to pick up where I left off and not need any further insulin.