Saturday, May 23, 2009


Breakfast today knocked my socks off, spun me around and ..... Well, not really, but it was that good! So I had to tell you about it -

Cameo apple, asparagus and collard, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob all together and topped off with chocolate. Also had a dash of brewer's yeast. I would have had them all raw, but the asparagus and corn happened to be cooked. Wow - chocolate sure goes great chasing sweet corn!

Ladies, I wasn't trying to (unfortunately), but since stopping peanut butter and cheese this past week, I have lost so much weight, I can tell just by feeling my spare tire area or by looking in the mirror. I did it just because I had the notion it might be good for me. Too bad I wasn't looking to lose weight. But hey, why don't you do the same??

Wow, collards and asparagus go good together!

A couple of days ago, I felt my sugar was certainly a little high. Normally, I would have jogged it off and not checked it, but I was so beat, I just checked it and it was 163. Then I jogged it off. Been feeling great otherwise. But boy, the better I eat, even within my own standard, I am seeing huge differences in how I feel. For instance, if I eat the most perfect things all day and do everything perfect and raw and superfood, etc. and then break one of my little rules, like eating after 6 pm or having just a little more sunflower seed than I knew I needed, or if I don't really need to exercise to get my sugar down but I do anyway (which makes a positive difference), wow, what a difference it makes. Like I have known for a long time, as told me years ago by Jim Wells, when you're fine tuned, you are sensitive.