Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chocolate Spelled Out

Hey, it should be apparent if you have been reading all I've written about unsweetened baking chocolate, but I thought I had better spell it out in its own little post:

A friend recently described her reaction to the stuff this way: it is so bitter and nasty that I cannot even taste any chocolate.

How true, how true. My dad used to eat the stuff plain after dinner before he discovered dry corroded nippy cheddar cheese, which he switched to, explaining that the two delights tasted exactly the same. It's hard to tell when one is bright orange and the other a dark brown, but he may have been correct. But I digress. I used to dislike the stuff; it did not taste at all like chocolate, the bitter was so overpowering.

You get used to it until, not all the time, but much of the time, depending on how hungry you are and how primed you are for chocolate, it does taste just like chocolate, even without the sugar. Be that as it may, I am not here to urge anyone to get to that point. My point today is that you can eat it sweet and get that chocolate taste regardless - without sugar. The chocolate taste comes out, just as it ever did (even if you are not accustomed to eating it but with sugar) eaten with fruit or squash or stuff.

You don't need to mix the chocolate with the fruit. Just have them both. Fruit with chocolate - unsweetened. Doesn't have to be "sugar." Then you get your beloved chocolate, same fix as ever, AND you get your fruit (or squash or .....) done! Isn't that keen??

I swear, this is going places. And I won't get the credit. I am not the only one anyway. Anyway, you see, you do not need processed sugar or its substitutes.