Friday, May 1, 2009

Meat and Dairy

A word about vegansim and vegetarianism. I did some reading to see if there were any solid reasons for either or both and found that the Gerson people assert that it is necessary to overcome cancer, but I didn't come up with any clear or compelling reasons for myself to abstain from meat or dairy.

However, I make it clear that I do not disbelieve them insomuch as for curing disease. The scriptures direct that the sick who have not the faith to be readily healed should be given "mild food." I would not argue with any of the Gerson Cure.

But I have not tried the Gerson cure myself.

And to me, it is a cure, not a normal regular diet.

The vegan roots of some Gerson heirs are in the Bible, yet to me the verses they quote do nothing to eliminate the verses I found in the same book that tell us to eat meat. Then I have my understanding of modern scripture that says to eat meat - sparingly (Doctrine and Covenants, LDS canon). Top it off with the simple fact that you can't get needful B vitamins naturally without it, and I find no reason to abstain from meat or dairy.

To explain the last sentence, it is my understanding that vegans get their B12 from nutritional yeast, as a major source. To me, if you stretch just a little bit, you can consider it natural to eat husbanded fungus as a staple. But it is my understanding that the yeast only contains B12 because it has been added - like the Vitamin D in your milk! That is why I said you can't get needful B vitamins naturally without animal sources.

What about the fact that meat stays several days in your intestines and rots while it's in there? What about it? If that's what it is supposed to do, then it should do it. Based on the scriptures, I know it should not do whatever it does too much or too regularly. But whatever it does, telling me it "rots" or "stays too long" does not show me the harm. Finally, how do you know how long it stays in MY intestines? Are the data representative of people who have been eating properly? I don't know. But the time it spends and how much it "rots" are moot if you can't show me what it does to me.

I have noticed a stark difference in my blood sugar wellness between consuming excess dairy and meat and not consuming an excess. Makes a huge difference. I have not noticed any difference in wellness between going vegan for a few months and just eating prudent amounts of meat and dairy.

I have developed a dislike for butter, having pretty much quit the use of it. I prefer coconut oil and seeds. I didn't like too much butter as a kid, I recall.

I find that when we are out of raw milk and I drink straight raw cream, I do harm. But if I drink whole raw milk without taking any of the cream out, I'm okay. But normally, I only drink the raw milk after removing most of the cream.

Don't bother telling me it's not natural to drink milk from a cow by asking me how often I see people out sucking on them. After all, didn't I say I drink it straight from the cow? [just kidding]

How do I eat meat sparingly or properly? I eat natural meat that ate and lived naturally - at least as naturally as the livestock before 35 years ago. Then I eat it plain and alone. Having done all this, I follow my appetite. Having eaten my plants simple, whole and raw, my body tells me when it wants some meat simple whole and - oops, I don't eat raw meat too often. But I'm shooting for 100% raw dairy and I sometimes like raw eggs.