Friday, May 1, 2009

End of April Update

To reiterate, the point of this blog is to help others, who may want to try, with encouragement - knowing that there's a guy out there who actually loves eating whole and simple and raw and whose diabetes (and other ailments, such as inflamed joints and asthma) have been reversed.

The last several days, I have walked around in a cloud of euphoria because my feet felt so good. It's like you had a headache for 12 years that sort of got better and worse and better and worse but never went away until this week and now you are like, Wow - so this is how it used to feel!

And to be able to go through my day and just eat when I'm hungry, and not have to bother with the injection routine or the burden of Having to run when I'm done, yet having my feet and my lips feel great without them. And my fingers and all my blood vessels.

But please do not think these things come just from eating the way you were supposed to in the first place. They come from your Father in Heaven because of Jesus Christ and because of what you do toward them. Like yesterday: I was painting the outside of the house. I worked steadily all morning. Just as I was putting on the last few brush strokes, it started to sprinkle (on me, but the place I was painting was protected from rain as long as the wind didn't blow much). Just as soon as I went in to paint the rest, which was under a porch roof where the rain could never get me or what I was painting, it began to pour. It has been pretty much raining ever since and looks like it will keep it up for the foreseeable forcast. And the wind did not blow. This kind of thing is what makes me feel close to my Father in Heaven. This and feet that don't just have a bad feeling turned off, but a good feeling turned on too.

Speaking of what comes and why, it came very clear to me the other day, why I love my Father in Heaven: I love Him because of the way He gives me things for my having done good. Especially the big (for me) sacrifices. I haven't much analyzed this (how and why this is what makes me love Him), but I am certain of it. The other day, it came clear to me certain blessings I have been given were because I did certain things, and I knew which ones.

As indicated in the April Meals post, I have been off of insulin injections (by necessity, not by design) for a couple of weeks and do not have to exercise right after I eat anymore. Also, I have been eating even more raw vegetables and less nuts and dairy and such. And have not struggled to stop my meals after the main course or two, to avoid the "extra little something" - but still kind of graze a bit too much sometimes, yet even then my sugar doesn't spike like it used to. I quit bread and stix altogether; I only eat sprouts of spelt barley and millet. I don't miss anything at all. Not ever hungry at all - except during the time it takes me to walk to the kitchen and eat. I am totally satisfied all the time. I quit taking my ogliofructose complex multi-vitamins because I did not like the mix of what they include. I still take my supplements: Vitamin E, lipoic acid and Provex CV (grapeseed extract), and brown and yellow yeast. The brown yeast is what I consider my chromium supplement. I have been eating plenty of meat and dairy. I am anxious for the day I finally get around to making my own cheese so I can have it raw, same as my milk. Raw milk cheese tastes way better; I don't know why it's not more prevalent. It sure is expensive. Even pasteurized cheese costs too much.