Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This morning I was going to ride my bicycle over the hill 15 miles to the dentist in Pittsburgh. I was fixing a bicycle for this purpose and running a little late, so to get off on time, I didn't prepare for such a ride as I normally would. I ran off without my hat and with my pants falling down and I totally skipped breakfast (I normally like not to carry food when I go to Pittsburgh but rather have some juice n'at before I go). But I threw 2 apples into my pack as I left, which I ate on the way back, at about noon. I got home at about 2:00 pm.

Naturally, I was weak and hungry. Normally, this is a bad situation: hungry, worn out, afternoon and not eaten all day. It normally spells eat a lot and super spike your sugar.

Well, I ate all I wanted of everything I wanted and got all my strength back and my sugar didn't go high at all. Not a bit. Didn't do any exercise afterward. No sugar. No hunger. No munchies. No discomfort from eating too much, yet I most certainly did not undereat. No nuthin.

But I sure am starting to eat differently, even for me: I was eating collard leaves like they were hot cakes. I was having yellow yeast on them. I had some other things too, but yellow yeast on collard leaves was a good discovery. The way I ate though, normally would have spiked my sugar, believe me. Oh, and I never test my sugar or take a shot without telling you, but I will spell it out here that I did not test my sugar. It was too certain to waste a test strip. No question, there is something going on here. Like never before, since I was diagnosed in '96. Not at all like ever before.

Later that night: I had a lot of confusion going on during my evening and ended up eating a pretty weird supper and going high. Took a little walk with the dog and then fell asleep and when I woke up about midnight, my sugar was 179 and I took 2 units. Pretty stressful night and bad food.