Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Back

Since my last posts, most of this week, I have been generally eating once a day, not too bad of food, like a lot of peanut butter, romaine, and refried pinto beans and cheese and some cream in addition to the juice and stuff. Eating too long though, and too late in the day, and getting up to 250-300 and taking 5 or 6 units and going to bed.

Off the wagon, in other words. Hmmm, I recently heard that the sugar beets that fell off the wagon had just as much sugar in them as the ones still on the wagon. Just as much sugar, eh? Actually, more.

Disregard the last paragraph if it means nothing to you.

Well, so like I said, I was broke down most of the week but today I got back up with a bang. I had 3 short (just ate until I had enough) meals, all centered around juice, no peanut butter or cooked beans, no cheese, no dairy. Didn't even want any grain. Just juice, greens, radishes, brown yeast, sunflower seeds. I was completely satisfied. Enjoyed it too. And get this: I exercised after each short meal even though I pr'y 'd ah been alright without.

So we'll see how I keep doing. I'll let you know whenever I'm bad, as always. Boy, lotta energy today. Lotta laughter too. Feeling good and not being diabetic makes ALL the difference. Those 30 and over who don't eat like it says in the link I gave last time will also experience ALL the difference when they do.