Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slice of Bread

Actually, hot cakes.

Today I was telling someone again how well I was doing. Whenever I do that, I have a crash that night. I also told them I cannot eat a slice of bread, only my sprouted grains as-is.

So naturally, when I was done talking to them, I went and ate some of Sharon's hotcakes and then I topped it off with a bunch of popcorn. I felt sugary, even after some exercise and work, so I tested: 318. Took six units. Went to bed. Hour and a half later woke up and struggled up the stairs to eat some apples I got off the neighbor's ground - SOOO GOOD! Because my sugar had gone low and I was in a sweat and all that. After pigging out and then settling down and reading a bit and being afraid I would need another shot, I what the heck and spent another test strip: 107.

Also note, no juice today either.

Seems I am doing more poorly since quitting my supplements, but I'm going longer - jury's still out. One thing is certain: I always do poorly on days I don't have supplements or juice, even if I eat a lot of romaine and pretty good stuff.