Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What It Is

Here's what it is:

One must be patient. I prayed for a thing when I was young and the distinct impression I received was that if I were patient, I would eventually receive it if that's what I wanted.

I weighed patience and the thing and chose to drop it and move on.

What it is, is, I'm not patient. I can be patient with diabetes and my wife and my friends and my kids, my customers and those I try to help. No matter how disappointed I am in current affairs, if just keep patience for the final finish and the final reward, or at least rewards in the future, near and distant, or both, and be all I can to all these people, including the flakey ones, rather than punish them or give up on them, each one of them will do me justice in the end by their gratitude and love at the very least.

I had an appointment this morning at 9:00 am to see a man at a fabrication shop and tour his operation, and see about possible collaboration. I didn't hear my alarm. I'd fought with my wife for no reason last night and stayed up quite late. I woke up at 9:00 sharp and had to call and tell him. He said to call him next week but I did not want to, after what happened. But I will. Hopefully, he'll choose patience. This experience really shook me up.

There - see? I didn't want to call next week because I had no patience with myself.