Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Window Screens

I mentioned it in my last post, so I elaborate on screens.

First thing I do when I move into a place is remove those pesky storm doors that battle you every time you try to enter your house with the groceries. Next thing I do is throw away all screens.

There is no better method for hampering your view of the outdoors than utilizing a screen.

Screens are highly effective flow restrictors to inhibit cool, fresh breezes that would otherwise come in through the window or the front door.

Screens get rusty or dirty and are one of the most effective ways next to vinyl or aluminum siding to give your home that crappy look.

Screens trap, torture and kill flying insects inside your home. They do nothing to keep harmful bugs outside. At least where I live. Our mosquitos here are smart, if not likeable. They do not like to come into the house. So with all the windows wide open, they do not come in. They only like it in the garden and they only come out at night.

Did you know your worst air pollution you ever experience is inside your sealed up home? Weather permitting, ours is always wide open. It's the way I was raised. It's the only way. In winter, I air out the house each morning before turning on the furnace. And at night, I always prefer to sleep with the window wide open if I am not sleeping outside.

Fresh air, people. Fresh air.