Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time for Revival Already

Yeah, I haven't been too careful and haven't been feeling good the last several nights. Tonight I was feeling seriously out of range so I tested and it was 352. I was going to go for a jog anyway, now I was going for sure. I ran over the Boston Bridge and down to the 15th St Bridge and across and when I got to the Christy Park Plant, I walked the rest of the way home because I could feel my right knee had had enough. Got back and my sugar was 192. That was good because the way I felt, I was doubtful exercise would even help but it did so I guess I'm not totally shot like when I went onto insulin.

Walking from where the dirt road dips under the rail bridge and turns to asphalt again, the nearly full moon shone down on me and my road and lit up the over-reaching bush branches in a way that made me glad my sugar had been high and had driven me out to see this. It was so beautiful and peaceful, it made me completely happy.