Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 units, half a slice of store whole grain bread with peanut butter and honey that one of the kids had left to harden, squash and apple mush, chocolate, almonds, 4 stories.

squash and apple mush: I sent 1/4 of a buttercup squash and two small red delicious apples, all sans seeds through the juicer without the screen (kept everything) and also some ginger. Then I added chocolate. It was interesting and tasted pretty good but I didn't like it. The peelings were too chewy. I think I will stick to either eating things straight and alone and with just my teeth, or juicing, nothing in between. With juicing, you get the juice from the peeling as well as the rest.

I found a new way to eat the squash seeds: Instead of just chewing them all up shell and all or trying to fiddle with the shell, just bite the whole thing with your molars once or twice to get out what you can and spit out the shell. This is more efficient than trying to get it all.

cashews, 3.5 units, a pear, cucumber, green pepper, fried mushrooms, spaghetti sauce, stix, cheese, a little collard, chocolate, apple, a cough drop, raisens, pasteurized freakenized milk, no exercise, sugar: 153.