Monday, March 23, 2009

banana, pumpkin seeds, cashews, 2 units, that squash/apple/ginger stuff from the other day that I didn't like but today I did and it went really well with the next thing I had, pecans, one story and trot to the post office and hardware store.

cashews, green beans and chocolate, brazil nuts, peanut butter and green beans, fried ground turkey, sour cream, cabbage, cheese, raisens, chocolate and sour cream and around and around, ginger and four stories and a nap. When I awoke my sugar was 200. This is not a good example it is a bad one. But 200 is better than 376. Took 2 units.

I prolly had too much cream but it was raw and pure home made.

Had dinner with the family, prepared by Sharon: coleslaw, cooked broccoli, baked potato. I added a boiled egg and then I had frozen banana and chocolate. Been loving that cabbage! 2 units. No exercise.