Friday, March 13, 2009

2 units, juice, 1/2 way up the hill. Rush off to interview.

2 units, (thought I was done with baked squash for the winter, but it was just what I wanted) baked squash, walnuts, cinnamon, turkey, Ezekial sesame bread, up the hill.

popcorn (with butter - man, I really don't like butter any more after using coconut oil), apple, 3 units, baked squash, chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon, sukoshi wife's bread - then she told me it had white flour, millet and milk and cinnamon, carrot juice, up the hill, 4 stories, go out back and shovel gravel for 2 hours.

Doing those 4 stories almost felt as intense and exhilerating as a wrestling practice. Shoveling, I came back with the edge of the shovel and hit my shin. Nothing happened to my skin - How About That.