Sunday, March 8, 2009


I remember standing out in the parking lot along the commercial corridor of Route 30 soon after being diagnosed, thinking how hard it was going to be, not able to ever eat again.

To be diagnosed with diabetes is to feel deprived.

But I want to make clear that I don't feel deprived now. In fact, I am privileged to have been nudged into a lifestyle that I think everyone should have. Yes, that's right folks: despite my calm, agreeable demeanor, my actual belief is you all will be glad if you eat the way I do, diabetes or not, anything else or not.

Am I normal? Is the typical American diet normal? Who is the foreigner here? I consider my simple, wholesome food standard; it is the other stuff that is weird. People say I eat healthy; I say I eat "regular food." And not too much at once.

Don't know if I had made that clear.

I realize how far-fetched this seems. I don't demand that you eat this way. I don't feel emotional. To me, it's just a cold belief. I do believe it though. Consider bread: probably the biggest difference between my diet and yours. If you're not diabetic and don't have to worry about carb overload, why should you eliminate it? Well, my mother was not diabetic but she was severely arthritic. Totally different disease, but she made her first breakthrough when she cut out bread and started eating soaked wheat berries instead. She did kick arthritis out the door, by the way, though she had to keep it up to keep it out.