Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Food

Mother started reading every book she could get her hands on when she started suffering from arthritis. This was in 1977 so there was no internet. Her first major breakthrough in which she experienced results was when she read a book advocating the consumption of fresh food. I could be wrong, but this may have been the start of her eating soaked wheat instead of bread.

I can eat soaked wheat berries in any form that is not dried, and it seems to have no effect on my sugar level, whereas traditional bread has an effect that lasts a day or two or three, depending on what type it is. White bread gives me a semi-permanent setback. My own raw sprouted stix raise my sugar level. Simple unsprouted, un-soaked but boiled wheat berries do not raise my sugar.

So I am contemplating moving back (I used to do this) to eating sprouted spelt fresh and no bread or stix at all. Eating fresh sprouted grain is a more live and beneficial sensation than eating raw sprouted bread, of greater magnitude than raw sprouted bread over unsprouted baked bread.

The point here is to eat stuff that is still alive. Like an apple right off the tree if possible. Or a growing, moist sprout rather than a dried out one in which the enzymes are still alive but the sprout itself has been smooshed and dried out and is definately dead.

I could still make stix for food storage. I am going to dry vegetables for food storage. But I also hope to plant a garden as part of my food storage, since I can harvest collards 8 or 9 months out of the year. My mainstay for food storage is sprouting seeds and water.