Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 units. juice, ogliofructose, cashews, a little more of what I had last night (millet and salad), a sukosh of squash. ride bike up hill.

started out good, but....

3 units, cashews, smidge of coconut milk, banana, a little peanut butter, and then I blew it - ate several hot banana hot cakes sharon made. Then went to sleep. Woke up with sugar at 267.

Took 3 units and ate some more (a little of everything, but had milk instead of juice).

I knew better, but sort of forgot. I'm not supposed to eat her bread, let alone a banana hot cake. They were very sweet but I couldn't tell how sweet when they were hot and I was hungry. It may sound like I am punishing myself too much, but after 12 years, I know how much I can let down, let up or "reward" myself. None. Must be strict now to get well. If I was just getting by and not planning on getting better, I would just go along and "celebrate" a little now and again. But in spite of today's slip-up, I am happy that I was still valiant in the area of being a Quittola BeShange!!! I still did good in quitting my meals on time.

Later I did a little running and after I settled down, I was 132; not bad for not having had another shot to help me down. But then I stayed up several more hours blogging and checked it again and it was up to 177. I could feel it. This rarely happens with me, this going up after making it down - without eating or anything. However, it seems to happen if I have eaten one of my no-no's, like unsprouted bread (with bananas in it no less) or hotcakes, as in this case. 3 more units and I'm going to bed.