Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just a Number

Hopefully we all know that being a number is never as good as being a person. Hopefully we know the advantages of small schools, small government, small companies, even small churches.

If you have a certification awarded you by a large institution, you have a better chance at prestige and servitude in yet another large institution. Strength in numbers and you have security. By the way - what is the value of security?

We won't discuss the value of prestige. I'm a busy guy (no comments please).

What is the value of security compared to freedom?

Do you want to live (use your talents) or be kept alive?

Around the time they mixed up and baked America, there were some known to value freedom for others above their own lives. They took this stand as independent leaders. They were not drafted. They saw a need and did something about it. There are people in our country like that today. It may be harder to find them in a crowd due to the constraints and mass production that are in place today. But I'm afraid most of them are wannabes locked in serfdom. I don't know how locked up I am, but I have to admit, I'm not one of them. Or maybe I am. I wonder. Depends on what I do, not what I am, as has been said many times in one way or another.

I didn't mean to talk about America and citizenship. Getting back to being a number: There is one institution, the institution of God (who believes in organized religion - sorry to disappoint you - but you won't be disappointed when you try it), in which big is good. God is big enough to let you feel when you pray that you have his undivided attention - even though he is doing the same thing at the same time for any number of other souls. His ability to do this is infinite. Yeah, hard to conceive.

You pay attention to God in his church and you will never be a number. How do I know? Ha Ha. I'm not anything. But I have been there.

Make no mistake, each of you that I have ever met, and each of you that I will ever meet, and each of you (0) that read my blog - I do know.