Monday, March 9, 2009

Banana and Chocolate & Found my Tribe Today

This one also deserves a title! Look down to the last meal! It's at the very bottom.

3 units, juice, collard, hill.

3.25 units, baked squash, millet, salad, peanut butter, stix, coconut oil, rome apple, hill.

By the way, the constant neuropathy in my left big toe has gone away in the last few days. I have not had any neuropathy in the last few days. It had gotten pretty bad.

By the way, interesting that today, after writing the Mother's Influence post last night, I heard for the very first time from an actual Type I diabetic (who had been Type II) who claims to be cured naturally. Raw fooder.

I may have found my Tribe! People who think as I do, that the body tends to and can fix any disease (God willing) if you give it a chance. Even Type I.

Also, I came across why raw fooders (and others too?) are against fat. I'm hearing two things these days: 1- fat dilutes and inhibits the sugar in your meal and slows down and reduces your sugar absorption and blood level. This is true. 2- fat inhibits your insulin and increases your background or general blood sugar levels. This is true too. So as I said before, I don't believe in cutting something wholesome out completely. But I have definately seen how my own excessive consumption of cream and peanut butter inhibit my progress and am contemplating going to a no-added-fat program of some sort. Or maybe just no-peanut-butter-or-cream. Also, I'm losing interest in baked squash but that may be because Spring is coming.

By the way, here is an interesting cross reference that backs up and illustrates well my claims about the function of your own appetite:

You can go to and scroll down until you see a picture of peeled oranges and read the wrapped text or I am just pasting it here:

"Where is the source of wisdom for what nutrients you or I could do with today - this very day? The supplement manufacturer, or our bodies? A few months ago I had a great desire for oranges. They tasted more delicious than at any other time in my life - ate loads of them! I believe that this was because my body at the time very much needed something in oranges. After a while my desire for oranges lessened - perhaps because my body had built up adequate reserves of whatever nutrient had been lacking. And that's how that cliche 'listen to your body' operates. The clever body can correct deficiencies all by itself by generating a desire for certain foods.
"How on the other hand can it ever be right for an individual to take 'x' mcg/mg of a supplement every single day - that amount decided by the supplement manufacturer? Yes, the body might expel excess, but ...always? We know that disease occurs when the body is overburdened by the task of elimination."

I am so excited to have come across (today for the first time) someone besides myself who believes the body has a tendency to heal itself of any disease if given the chance!

Y'know, I have done raw before. I know what it takes, but I don't know what it gives these days - I mean, I have not tried today's great recipes, I was just old fashioned simple. My only problem was beans though. I like my beans but I don't really like em raw. Maybe I just need to eat them fresh. We'll see what I do.

3 units, BANANA (not frozen, not chilled, not processed, just a warm banana) AND CHOCOLATE! Hey, I enjoyed this even more than chocolate and squash! Best chocolate thing yet! And didn't need any peanut butter or anything to go with it! Cuz I guess I was in a Raw Fooder Mood. Anyway, then I had ogliofructose, salad, almonds (YES, ALMONDS - AND PLENTY OF THEM - but not too many), collards. Run down the road and then up the hill. AND MY LIPS AND FACE FEEL BETTER AND MORE SUGAR FREE THAN THEY HAVE IN 12 YEARS, MAN!