Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 units, walnuts, sprouted wheat, 2 almonds, collards, juice that included chard, up de hill.

2 units, steamed millet and pressure cooked light red kidney beans and onions, collards, juice, ginger, milk, peanut butter. OOOoooooooh so good. Basketball. Nap. Sugar: 151.

I usually only check my sugar if I do not know I am low or normal. Usually I'm not surprised, but sometimes, I just don't know for sure. Usually I know for sure I'm normal. That last meal was a little on the large side; I was quite hungry. But I didn't go past my stop light. Still, it was a little on the big side.

Started putting my recumbant bike together today with a new bigger front wheel and fork; been like 3 years since I rode it maybe. Chain was brand new and coated with lube and it still rusted.

2 units, sukoshi baked squash, sukoshi milk, juice, Rome apples, chocolate, 4 stories.

Many older Americans know what a skosh is - it means a little bit. Well, I spell it out all the way; it's Japanese. Sukoshi. But the u is silent. The i is pronounced ee.