Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scott Scoville

I googled my name to see if I could find my blog. The first couple of pages, I found some cousins. On the third page, I found my son's 5k results from two years ago. After that, I started meeting people like Scott Roberts, Janie Scott, Barry Tillman, and people recycling old tires or something.

Then on page 6 I found my blog!!!!!

So now I am going to post this post and see if it promotes me to the first page of hits on Scott Scoville.

Scott scoville eats carrots. Scott Scoville ran in Japan. Scott Scoville draws cartoons. Scott Scoville likes to wrestle. Scott Scoville is interested in gymnastics. Scott Scoville will tell you about Jesus Christ. Scott Scoville used to be a Beatle Freak. Scott Scoville used to be a Triumph motorcycle worm. Scott Scoville stands by Joseph Smith. Scott Scoville is a baby boomer (just made the cut). Scott Scoville thinks insurance ought to be insurance. Scott Scoville loves Melaleuca. Scott Scoville loves trekking. Scott Scoville loves road trips. Scott Scoville loves Laramie. Scott Scoville is an eager, capable, dependable, talented, hard-working, experienced engineer that no one wants to hire. Scott Scoville is happier than a balloon in a current over Mt. Timpanogos on the clearest, most crisp day. Scott Scoville thinks British Ford Escorts are way cool. Scott Scoville can wiggle his ears. Scott Scoville can wiggle his nose. Scott Scoville can wiggle his hips. Scott Scoville loves to dance. Scott Scoville is holding a dance in his garage this summer, as soon as he gets it cleaned out and one or two cars sold. Scott Scoville loves ginger. Scott Scoville loves sage. Scott Scoville loves honeysuckle. Scott Scoville loves cinnamon. Scott Scoville loves to mop and clean. Scott Scoville loves to load and unload and haul things in trucks, festivas, wagons and railcars. Scott Scoville holds the record for rope climbing at South High School. Too late to break it - the school closed. Scott Scoville loves to read books to kids. Scott Scoville loves to make books for kids. Scott Scoville loves being a kid. Scott Scoville loves collard greens if they are raw. Scott Scoville loves nothing better than to read or tell stories as he makes them up to kids. Scott Scoville loves to play with kids and dogs. Scott Scoville loves to spend long times in the remote wilderness. If he can't get there, he likes to settle for the Pennsylvania woods. If he can't get there, his back yard is pretty cool too. Scott Scoville loves his family. Scott Scoville wants to be an organic farmer. Scott Scoville has gone organic. Scott Scoville's main goal is to become the missionary for Christ that he ought. His second main goal is to become a min. That is minimum for Minimalist, which can be shortened to Minimist or min. Scott Scoville loves telling people about Melaleuca. It helps keep him oiled for telling them about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. When he does, it makes him as happy and full of fresh wonder as when he was 4. It always lowers his blood sugar. Sometimes it restores his >20/20 vision. Scott Scoville loves his friends. Some of them are in his family. Others he has adopted. When Scott Scoville decides you are his friend, you stay that forever. Scott Scoville loves things on two wheels. Scott Scoville likes to get squishy meat. Scott Scoville likes to dig in the dirt. Scott Scoville loves all kinds of masonry and masonry work. Scott Scoville loves to sculpt. If I would desire any one thing to define me and have chiseled onto my stone, it would be that I believe Jesus in a most profound way when he says, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the LEAST of these, my bretheren, ye have done it unto me." Scott Scoville loves to paint. Scott Scoville loves to write. Scott Scoville loves to talk. Some people go fishing to relax; Scott Scoville works on cars to relax. Scott Scoville loves to go down to his garage. Scott Scoville loves a balance of hard indoor/outdoor, mental/physical labor. Take and find the ugliest most repulsive human being you can, and realize that they have feelings too. And except for a few sad cases, #1 is important to them. This world is soooo screwed up; people should be allowed to earn their living spending some time at the computer and some time digging in the field and what have you. Can't wait for the communism in America and all its stupid rules to shatter. Free People! Free Market! Free Innovation (but regulate nuclear, genetic, etc)! Search out the squelchers and stiflers and inhibitors and misers and pull them down! Success to every man and woman who have a talent: success in sharing it and benefitting mankind instead of having it either rot in their back pocket in some cubical, or develop it only to be sold to a squelcher who locks it away out of reach from people and mother earth. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!