Thursday, March 19, 2009

no units, banana, pumkin seeds, green beans, squash, cashews, up the hill. After an hour or two, Sugar: 148. 1 or 2 hrs later, Sugar: 111.

Man I slept good last night. Woke up about 6 am and just had to lay there for a while even though I felt so refreshed and good, just soaking it up.


Love that word; used to hate it.

no units, Pear, orange, cooked light red kidney beans with onion, 14 almonds and romaine lettuce, brazil nuts, pasteurized homogenized freakenized milk, cashews, cinnamon, chocolate, basketball. Caleb won twice. We play to 21. We were 19 all. He got the next basket. We get one freethrow after each of our own 2-pt baskets. We have to backcourt the rebound but there is no out-of-bounds. I always stuff Caleb and he always steals from me. Sugar: 189. Took a unit.

chocolate, apple, brazil nuts, cashews, romaine, tomato, 3 units, chicken soup by Sharon, more romaine, cheese, ginger, for exercise I brought up the garbage for garbage day tomorrow. It made my sugar dip low and put those lights before my eyes.