Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don’t want my kid in day care (read public school) for 6 hours and doing homework more than another 2, no matter what school. I have things to teach them too. I am not their maid. Besides, they might want to do sports or go outside once in a while – they’re kids! Why should a kid be forced to work 12-16 hours if adults only have to work 10? Aren’t there child labor laws??????

Making a kid do volume homework on things he learned 2 years ago is not my idea of a gifted program. Giving him Mathematica to learn calculus is my idea of a gifted program.

Keep school to < 8 hrs a day, at least until their senior year. Keeping them in slavery is not helping to keep up with the Japanese. It certainly is not what won the cold war. However, it is what lost the cold war for the Soviet Union. Communism doesn't win anything. Someone may beat you down into subjection to it after they win a fight over you, but it isn't the communism that sustains their evil power. Communism is the reward they give you after they beat you. I don't know who 'they' are but I do know who their leader is. He never rewards, only cheats.

Let's retake America. Give America back its moms. We'll work on the dads later. Down with communism. Down with "Oh we'll take care of you" serfdom. Downsize now. Downsize every institution's constituents except the family. Everything from the gov to home depot are getting too big. Too big is you are a number and the employees that are supposed to serve you are standing around talking football because their job stinks and they are a number too. You are a number leads into communism. Communism is where they tell you what to do and ignore your talents and take away your motivation until there is no quality being produced. Then it's all just crap and nobody cares any more. Just take care of us. We'll give all of our time, opinions and talents up if you will take care of us with all the crap you have that drones have produced.

That's communism and it is alive in America and growing. Growing big. Free Enterprise is also growing, however. Check out Melaleuca, the model of an honest, giving company. I'm a "dealer." I'll sell you some. Know what? Selling something is a good thing if what you sell is good and the price is reasonable. Business is a moral thing.

By the way, I consider myself a liberal. At least, I aspire to be a liberal. Except when it comes to the environment. When it's our dear Earth, I am ultra-conservative. Since I was a little boy, my instincts were ultra-conservative with regard to preserving Earth and its cleanliness. But when it comes to forgiveness, tolerance and just plain giving money to people who didn't earn it, I want to consider myself very liberal. So go away, big fat and ineffective government business that only wants to grow itself. Don't take my money and burn it. Let me keep it and distribute it to my grass-roots neighbors in need. Being liberal, it would not be possible for me to take someone's life or be associated with a political party that upheld or even allowed such a thing. I mean, how could I sincerely give money to one person and kill another? It would not add up, would it. I'm a liberal (except when it comes to environmental issues, and come to think of it, food issues)!