Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salmon and Millet

I'm giving this one a title because it was so awesome.
I ate like a king tonight.
It was the first time I had juice and salad fixed at the same time. Plus, fresh steamed millet piping hot.
I had some canned pink salmon left over so I mixed it with lots of millet and threw some salad on top. @##$$%%^&^&*())(*&^%%$$##$%%^R%$E$E#$R$T%T^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that was good!
To top it off, I stopped at the right time! Usually, when I have such an awesome, nutritious meal, I waste it afterward by having a little of something else and eating too much. Not this time! I had 3 units before I started fixing it all because I thought I was a little high, and that I would be eating soon. But I didn't eat so soon, so I had another 2 units when I started. Ran the hill after. Sugar: 112.