Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rutebaga, apple, squash seeds, juice (2 carrots, one big collard, 1/4 buttercup squash, 1/2 rutebaga), 4 stories (but I added curls after the other weight lifts).

cashews, frozen banana & chocolate, cream, 15 almonds, apple, a collard, stix, peanut butter, 2 units, pecans, ginger, cinnamon, up the hill.

Drank the cream cuz I'd rather drink that than freakenized milk. We missed getting milk last time. Sharon buys the freakenized when we miss going to the farm.

Got more muscle in my arms, shoulders and trunk over the last month. My cling and jerk is turning into a dead lift. I'm amazed I haven't strained let alone pulled a muscle or anything in my back or knees.

Living this way, every few days my body just wants to rest and sleep. When I go to bed in good shape having stopped eating by 6 pm and not having over eaten, and got to bed on time, I wake up slowly in the morning and just lay there for quite a while in this state of convalescence and good feeling - like my body tries to get all it can out of a night like that when my sugar stayed down.

Tonight, Sharon had the jazz station playing while I ate supper and I pigged out because that's what jazz does to me during supper; it's a Pavlov's Dog thing. So - 2 units, salad over steamed millet, juice, raw milk, millet and milk and cinnamon, chocolate and raisens and milk, 6 units.