Monday, March 16, 2009

Vegan and Raw

I am a vegetarian. I eat all the vegetation my body could want. I eat meat. I thought about the possible necessity of going vegan to get all better. But I have decided not to listen to any Vegans. Because I have heard there are essential nutrients obtained only from animals. Also, it is apparent that I am healing without going totally raw and without going vegan. More than that, Jesus said in Genesis, Ch. 9 that we are supposed to eat meat, and again in Doctrine and Covenants 49 and 89. But he said to use it sparingly and only when we need it and not to waste it. He also said to eat mild food if we are sick. So while I don't consume a lot of meat, I don't ever plan on strictly eradicating it from my diet. As for raw, I doubt if I will ever eat a raw vegan pizza (see Reward Yourself), but as time goes on, I expect I will eat my food raw more and more. And simple. So extending my philosophy about what a vegetarian is, eating raw is not about not eating cooked food so much as it is about eating plenty of raw food.