Monday, March 2, 2009

March Meals

Now I think I'll start logging all my meals. It will give you and I an idea of what I'm really doing and it might help me stay on course. I will keep the blog clean by putting the meal logs for each month together into one post. This one is for all of March:


Only ate one meal. I knew better but did not resist my wife's bean dip with sour cream and salsa. I ate my raw sticks instead of chips, but the dip was too fancy, too junky and I ate too much of it for this ol' bod.

I knew I was in trouble, but instead of getting a pain in my toe, I decided I'd rather not take more than the 2 units of humalog I had already had. I went for a run across one bridge, down the river, accross the other bridge and up the river to home. I'm not sure how far it is; rough guess, 6 miles. Sugar was 147 when I got back and cooled down. I snuck off early to bed at 9:30 with no further intake of anything.

Halfway through the run, the food started to settle somewhere and feel less like I had a medicine ball in my gut and bean dip coming up my throat. Usually when I run that circuit, I get a pain in my side or wherever or else my knee gives up, and I have to walk; this time, I just ran the whole thing; I was surprised. And it seemed pretty quick. I was amazed that I slept all night and could walk pretty good in the morning and I never had even one small charlie horse. I was expecting some big time after that long run, since I haven't done it for so long.


This morning, I did the usual: juice and 2 units and run up the hill. But this time I finally followed the suggestion I got ages ago and added a couple of teaspoons of yellow Nutritional Brewer's Yeast. WoWeee, that was good! Totally different flavor than I expected. Today's juice was about 3 big carrots, handful of brocco, one large red chard leaf, one stub of ginger, two teaspoons yeast. I also had a oglio-multi.

Lunch today: Pink salmon from a can, fresh romaine, a little steamed millet (old and cold), a little stix and coconut oil, a mouse's portion of peanut butter (I licked the jar), oglio-multi. No shots. Run the hill. Sugar: 268 - took 2 units.

I only like to eat canned salmon if they did NOT take out the skin and bones - they're my favorite part.

Supper: Juice just like breakfast, but more of it, 3 units, an egg, stix, coconut oil, peanut butter,, some cheese, a bite of chocolate, a swallow of milk, oglio-multi. Run up the hill. Sugar: 89.


2 units. just juice. up the hill. 2 units. stix, coconut oil, peanut butter, apple, salad. weights, burpees and stairs. Nap. Sugar: 153.

2 units, popcorn, salad, millet, coconut oil, peanut butter, cinnamon, collard green, almonds, chocolate. 2 more units. up the hill. cling and jerk and then lift bar to chin in basement, climb flight of stairs and do 5 burpees, grab dumbbells and go up two more flights, come back, replace dumbells, do whole thing again 3 more times.

My burpees are: drop to hands while shooting legs back out straight and hit chest to floor, do a push up and pull feet back under and leap to ceiling with hands stretched for the ceiling, and drop to hands again, etc., all in one smooth motion.

Later this evening, Sugar: 233. I wonder what it would have been if I had eaten no almonds? Took 4 units.


2 units, juice, stix, peanut butter. Run up the hill.

apple, peanut butter, cheese, banana, too much cream and milk, run up the hill.

3 units, 2 more units, juice, salad, steamed millet, pink salmon, ran the hill. Sugar: 112.


missing somehow


2 units. Just juice. Up and down the stairs carrying dumbells while talking to John on the phone.

2 units. coconut oil on Ezekial Bread toast (1.5 slices), One Collard leaf, a little stix, a little juice. Up the hill and 5 pullups (I usually do some while I'm up there; I just haven't mentioned it).

no units. some pecans. lots of raw cashews, 6 units, some uncured beef hotdogs and a little organic ketchup, tiny bit of milk, romaine leaves, some juice, small apple, small orange. No exercise. Sugar: 95.


Wake up Sugar: 176.

This is typical. I got home and ate late and a little strange. So even if my sugar's 95, if stuff is in me and hasn't already pretty much processed and settled down when I go to sleep, my sugar goes up in the night. Otherwise, (eating before 6:00) my sugar just stays down all the time.

3 units. pecans. no exercise. Now I don't feel good. Pecans wasn't such a hot idea but at the time it felt right.

I have been thinking lately that I have been exercising too hard and not limiting my meal time and amount enough. I have been thinking that is the key here. I need to improve my quitting power. I used to be watching TV or some other letharge activity as a kid and suddenly, as soon as the thought that I might be better off jumping up and running outside crossed my mind, I would jump up and switch it off and run outside. It felt great! Granted, we don't get as much opportunity to rest as when we were kids, so it was easier then, but I need to get some of that back. Yes, I've been thinking that toughening up as a Quitt Master will be the key to healing. Or shall I say the physiological key to it. Heed to spiritual matters is the main key. Sometimes, I think I have eaten very little until I look down and my stomach is sticking way out.

3 units. heated up millet and baked squash and added coconut oil and a little cheese, some romaine, 2 stalks celery, bunch of cashews and some chocolate, and a smidge of milk. I did eat too much. No exercise. Later, took 2 more units.

When I check my sugar, it is usually not a surprise. It is rarely a shock. I can pretty well tell most of the time. However, sometimes I feel all burning and neuropothic and sugary and tingly and tired and when I check it, it's between 70-100. Other times, when I feel pretty darn perfect, but have the slightest suspicion, its 200-300. So sometimes it is a surprise. Usually, I know what it is within 15 points before I test.

I guess I missed supper today. Also, I know I waited way too long for lunch; that usually hurts things. So I'm thinking about becoming a killer quitter man. Able to clamp down and ship out even when my family's ambiance and my psyche are blaring, "PARTY!" Killer Quitter Master.

Nope, I got talking at length to Sharon and naturally had just a little something and a little more and 4 more units, just before I should have gone to bed. Still wouldn't call it a good supper though.


worked late and slept through breakfast

keeping in mind to be a master quitter

3 units. one bowl of salad and fresh steamed millet. OISHIIIIIIIII! that was good. run up hill. 10 pull ups.

I used to climb ropes and do a lot of pull ups and stuff like that. Been a lotta years since I have done it much. Kind of surprised I can still do 10 pull ups.

3 units. Little bit o' baked squash and 2 pecans, tsp peanut butter, most of one young coconut (man, they're good). ran around a bit with some weights.

Tonight, I was Quittona BeDoine. I made one bowl of delight and when I was 4/5 through it, I was full and I quit right then. This is significant enough in itself, but I was eating one of the best things I have ever had. Here's the details:

I started out with 3.5 units and some raw cashews - but not too many. I heated a bowl half full of millet with some coconut oil on it and then stirred it up and then piled as much of my salad on top of that as I could, sans Annie's Tuscan dressing. THEN I put on the Annie's tuscan dressing. Had ginger in there, and a few throws of cinnamon on the side, and juice to go with it. Then I did 4 stories. 1.5 hr later Sugar: 117.

See below for definitions:

Salad - organic celery (okay, everything's organic, okay), green chard, broccoli, collards, romaine, rutebaga, ginger slices and dices, canola mayo Annie's Tuscan Italian dressing - lately, this goes on last. It's really good on the millet. The millet is even better oiled up with the coconut. That's a comment, not a part of a definition.

Juice - Approx. 80% carrot juice, 17% broccoli juice, 3% ginger juice. However, normally I have a good percentage of wheat grass juice in there also - maybe 8%? I just don't have any grass lately.

Stories - as in "the building was 4 stories high." But here, a story is: cling and jerk, military press and then lift the bar to the chin while in the sub basement, go up one flight of stairs, 5 burpees (as defined in previous post), pick up dumb bells and hold them in curled fashion while walking up the stairs two more flights and then return them to their place.