Saturday, March 28, 2009

We were disconnected today so I don't remember everything, but I had some good stuff so here's the basics.

By the way, I had my squash wrong; I've been saying buttercup but it was acorn.

pecans and baked yam

cooked light red kidney beans, acorn squash, ginger and collards. YUM! Also had Sharon's hotcakes with peanut butter and honey and 6 units. That was yum too but against the law.

Later, I completely fell off the wagon. Mainly, I couldn't resist Sharon's whole wheat hotcakes and I just ate too many. Actually, one bite would have been too many. I ate late, ate too much and was up in the night throwing up and my sugar has been hovering at 230-240 for like a couple of days (it's next day now); insulin shots didn't bring it down; they probably helped but my sugar was staying around 230 no matter what. And I also had sugar, honey and a whole lotta cream. It has become quite apparent that a significant consumption of cream or fat indeed does render insulin ineffective in my body. Finally, I received a blessing by the laying on of hands from my High Priest and the sugar straigtaway came down to normal and I feel good now. But for about a day there, I was feeling like giving up; my sugar was high and my appetite was messed up and I wanted to just eat all the old traditional stuff. It was like a rock and a hard place but I know a way out because I've been there before. Lesson is, again, I just can't eat that stuff at all man. I just can't.