Thursday, March 26, 2009

juice, chop bushes (for exercise).

apple, stix, collards, 2 stories.

turkey, collards, rutebaga, scrambled egg, baked yam, coconut oil, milk, sesame seeds, cheese, up the hill.

young coconut (awesome), steamed millet with cinnamon and young coconut and pecans, steamed millet with picante sauce, with milk and cinnamon, apple, up the hill and then ride bike.

Later that night, thinking my sugar was 94, Sugar: 229. Took 4 units and ate some cheese and turkey. Then stayed up most of the night and ate a banana, chocolate, and a whole bunch of cream not to mention some cashews, in addition to the cheese and turkey. Took another 6 units if I remember right because after my "party" I was still 230 again. Or it might have been 4 units, I don't remember.

T'was a pretty good day. Might have been perfect had I taken a shot during supper when actually I first felt I may have needed one. As it was, I had one of my rare surprises and was a little higher than I expected. I knew what to do - take a few units, don't eat and go to bed. But I broke down. "I just felt like" eating cheese!