Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Don't Go Away

I stayed up all night and most of today before crashing this afternoon, I was so excited about finally getting an old acquaintance found (in great spirits) on the phone in Japan after about 15 years or more.

I used to think if you love someone, you marry them and everyone else you ever thought you loved was infactuation and that over time it seems an unmaintained relationship not only gets dusty or rusty, it actually dries out, losing all volatiles of meaning.

Not so. I have found that when you pick it up again and bounce it, all the juice is still there - tastes the same, smells the same, and in this case (since we are not yet old), sounds the same as ever.

You love someone, you love someone. It don't change. You can bury it, you can keep it proper, but love is like a permanent marker. Boy this sounds funny - opposite of everything I ever heard. Am I different?

Perhaps it is possible to destroy love after building it and since I don't do that I don't know about it.